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High Impact Archery 3D Challenge

ISE 2018 Tour

  • Denver, CO -- January 11-14, Colorado Convention Center
  • Salt Lake City, UT -- March 15-18, South Towne Expo Center (Sandy)
  • Scottsdale, AZ -- March 22-25, WestWorld of Scottsdale

The giant range features three-dimensional (3D) targets that pop up and move. Result? High-pressure, fast-moving rounds for participants and exciting, spectator-friendly event.

The unique handicapping system gives virtually every shooter the same chance to win.


  • Men’s Division: 1st--$500; 2nd--$300; 3rd--$200; 4th--$100.
  • Women’s Division: 1st--$300; 2nd--$200; 3rd--$100; 4th--$50 (NOTE: if more than 16 women compete in finals, prize money will be same as for Men’s Division)

PLUS...Sunday's Last Chance Contest hosted by a local archery shop. Sunday's event is open to all non-prize winners from Saturday.  


Once you purchase your ticket to the show, go to the range. Register for the contest at the range: $40, which includes a special wristband for show re-entry, two practice rounds of five arrows each, and one qualifying round of 10 arrows.

Requalifying is $10 for 10 arrows, and $5 for each extra practice round.


Days & Times:

  • Shooter may qualify or practice from the opening of the show on Thursday until approx. 1pm on Saturday
  • The shooter tries to shoot a score high enough to qualify in the top 32 in his or her division
  • At 1pm on Saturday, the Score Board will be built of the top shooters and final shoot-off will begin


  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • NOTE: There is no youth division or age restriction, but every shooter must be able to shoot 40 yards


  • Modern bows pulling a maximum weight of 70lbs
  • Field points only
  • Shooter can have as many pins as they would like on their sight
  • Binos are allowed
  • Range finders are not allowed


  • IBO scoring will be used: 12-10-8-5-0
  • Ties are broken by 12s, then 10s and so on
  • Arrows must stick in the target to score

Handicap System:

  • During qualification rounds, the system will be set at “qualifying speed”
  • All practice shooters will also shoot at "qualifying speed
  • Each shooter will be handicapped based on his or her qualification score, as follows:
  • The shooter who shoots the high score in his or her division establishes the handicap
  • Any shooter within 10 points of the top qualifier will shoot at "pro speed" (approx. twice as fast as the qualifying speed)
  • Any shooter within 10 points of the 32nd qualifier will shoot at the "qualifying speed"
  • The remainder of the group will shoot at "intermediate speed"
  • In first round of Finals, Shooter #1 will shoot against shooter #32, shooter #2 vs shooter #31, and so on
  • This is a single-elimination event--you move on only if you win
  • During Finals, if shooter scores high enough to enter another speed bracket, shooter will move up and stay in higher bracket

High Impact Archery 3D Pop-Up Tour 2018