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Inside Tips Outside the Guide's Box / Sight Fishing Colorado's Four Seasons

Inside Tips Outside the Guide's Box 

Brand new for 2014 “Inside Tips, Outside of the Guide’s Box” is a look into the nearly
two decades of teaching by Landon Mayer. Unique techniques that come straight out of
Mayer’s 17-year guiding journey and can be found in his new book due out in July 2014.
Breaking with convention, you are sure to learn something new from the many
tips and techniques that have evolved over time. Mayer’s goal is to provide new
knowledge that includes the fresh look every year has to offer. This is one you do not
want to miss!


Sight Fishing Colorado's Four Seasons

Travel the state of Colorado with Landon Mayer to unlock the great sight fishing secrets
found during all four seasons of the year. This presentation provides knowledge from
Mayer’s book “Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing” (Headwater Books 2011) and the 42 top
anglers in the state that contributed. This includes maps, hatch charts, fly selection and
presentation tips seen in video, photographs, and illustrations. The detail packed into this
presentation will leave you with a wealth of knowledge for your next fly-fishing adventure.

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LANDON MAYER guides the South Platte River in Colorado and spent a season on Alaska’s Nak Nek. One of America’s fast-rising trout experts, Mayer is a contributing writer for High Country Angler magazine. He has written or been featured in several articles published in Fly Fisherman, produced instructional DVDs and written several books including Sight Fishing for Trout.