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Aggressive Elk Hunting / Key Ice Fishing Techniques for Success / Key Walleye Techniques for Success / Successful Scouting for Colorado Elk

Aggressive Elk Hunting

The phrase "hurry up and wait" is not a way to produce elk! At the end of the day the aggressive elk hunter fills their tag 9 out of 10 times. Nathan Zelinsky will take you through the steps and teach you ways to become more aggressive with your hunting style. These styles of hunting are successful with Archery, Muzzle Loader and Rifle hunting situations. 


Key Ice Fishing Techniques for Success

Nathan Zelinsky is a leader in the Ice Fishing World and is an Elite Ice Team member. Nathan will walk you through the latest trends in the ice fishing world and will cover topics like "When to Stay and When to Go!" and selecting the right Jig or presentation. 


Key Walleye Techniques for Success

Tournament Angler and Guide Nathan Zelinsky will take you through winning techniques for catching Walleye's in your home waters. Nathan will teach you how to locate Walleyes and then present the right technique to catch Walleye on a daily basis. 


Successful Scouting for Colorado Elk

If you put as much energy into scouting as you do into the hunt then you are destined for success. Nathan Zelinsky will walk you through the steps to have a better and more efficient scouting trip. Then he will explain how to plan for the upcoming hunt with the information you have from your scouting efforts!

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NATHAN ZELINSKY is owner of Tightline Outdoors, one of the largest conventional tackle guide services in the state. Nathan is a professional Walleye and all species guide.  He can be heard on 102.3 ESPN, Terry Wickstrum Outdoors every Saturday. Nathan is also host of the largest Ice Fishing School in the west as well as owner of the Tightline Ice Addiction Tournament Series! Nathan is also an accomplished writer and his work can be read in Bass Anglers Guide, In-Fisherman and Coastal Angler Magazine. 

Nathan has guided big game hunts for 10 years and to this day has been a part of over 150 big game kills. He has harvested many animals achieving Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett achievements. Nathan pursues most western big game but enjoys Elk, Mule Deer, and Mountain Lions most. Nathan is known for his aggressive hunting styles and most will agree it has paid off for him!