January 11-14, 2024

Important Dates

Please note the important dates and deadlines below.  

Action Item / Discount Cut-Offs

 Due Date


Final Payment Due to ISE

 Dec. 1, 2023


Review Exhibitor Display Regulations & Limitations

 Dec. 1, 2023


Obtain Food Sale & Sampling Permit if Selling Food

 Dec. 1, 2023


Send ISE Food Sampling Insurance Information

 Dec. 1, 2023


Obtain Seller Permit & Tax License if Selling Tangible Goods

 Dec. 1, 2023 


Product Restocking Trailer Request to ISE

 Dec. 15, 2023 


Hotel Discount Deadline

 Dec. 22, 2023


Decorator Discount Deadline – Order Carpet, Chairs & Tables

 Dec. 26, 2023


Internet Services Discount Deadline

 Dec. 27, 2023


Decorator Advance Shipment Deadline

 Jan. 5, 2024


Review Exhibitor Information for Move-In Time

 Jan. 5, 2024


Print Copies of Seller Permit, Tax License & Food Handler’s Permit

 Jan. 8, 2024


Start Show Move-In

 Jan. 9, 2024


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General Show Information

Show Management
International Sportsmen’s Expositions
Phone: (800) 545-6100
Email: [email protected]


Colorado Convention Center
700 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202
(Click here to view on Google Maps)
Phone: (303) 228-8000
Email: [email protected]


Public Show Hours

Thursday       Noon - 7:00pm

Friday            Noon - 7:00pm

Saturday       10:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday          10:00am - 4:00pm


Exhibitor Entry Information

  • Exhibitor entrance is in Hall F
  • Entry credentials required all event days.
  • Exhibitor credentials allow floor access at 8:00am on Thurs., and one-hour prior to show open Fri-Sat-Sun.
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Exhibitor Requirements

Payment-in-full for all exhibit space is required by December 1st. No exhibitor credentials will be issued at registration unless full payment has been received.

Terms & Conditions of Exhibiting in ISE Shows
The Terms and Conditions on the Application/Contract for Exhibit Space will be enforced at ISE Shows. Please review Terms and contact ISE if you have any questions.

Local Laws and Regulations
To ensure public safety, exhibitors must comply with all federal, state, and municipal laws and administrative rules, including but not limited to those relating to licenses and permits, property protected by copyright, work hours, work conditions, safety standards, and payment of wages and taxes.

Booth Staffing

  • Staffing your exhibit during all public show hours is a requirement in the Terms and Conditions of your Application/Contract for Exhibit Space
  • Exhibits must remain in place until 4pm on Sunday. 
  • Unstaffed exhibits/removal of exhibit before 4pm Sunday may result in loss of space at future shows.

Animal Policy
Animals that are necessary to exhibit must be confined to exhibit space or kept in portable kennel. During transit, animals must be on a leash or rein. No pets are allowed.

Child Safety
For safety purposes, ISE requests children under the age of 15 not participate with show move-in and move-out.

Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol distribution to the public is state-license-controlled and not permitted by exhibitors. Consumption of alcohol in exhibit space is prohibited.  An exhibitor wanting to provide food or beverages must contact show management.  

24-hour security is provided for the duration of the event. ISE and Facility Management are not responsible for any losses. Per Application/Contract for Exhibit Space Terms and Conditions, Exhibitors are responsible for carrying general-liability insurance for event. Please take the following precautions:

  • Avoid leaving small items of value in booth.
  • Cover display with a flameproof drop cloth overnight.
  • Run wire or cable through exhibit and lock at night. 
  • Immediately report any theft to ISE Information Booth.

Emergency Procedures

  • Do not call 911.  Emergencies are responded to by Facility Emergency Services Staff. 
  • In the event of an emergency, please contact ISE floor staff or the ISE Information Booth.
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Display Regulations & Limitations

In-line Exhibit Space Amenities 

  • Assigned booth location 
  • Drive-in and drive-out setup and teardown
  • Scheduled move-in and move-out
  • 8-foot-high backdrop and 3-foot side-rail drape
  • 500 watts of electricity
  • Exhibitor credentials
  • Discounted guest passes
  • Hyperlinked exhibitor listing
  • Trailer parking


In-line Booths 

Exposed to aisle on the front side with neighboring booths to left, right and typically behind. See diagram.

  • Maximum height of 10 feet for back of booth.
  • Maximum height of 4 feet for front of booth.
  • No rear-facing signage. Signs should only be viewable from the aisle in front of booth. 
  • No canopies or canopy frames allowed.
  • Do not hang items on or damage drape fabric. 
  • Merchandise must hang on a solid back wall or stand.
  • All displays are subject to management approval. 


End-cap Booths

Exposed to aisles on three sides and composed of two standard in-line booths. See diagram.

  • Maximum height of 10 feet for back center of booth and within 5 feet of the two side aisles.
  • Maximum height of 4 feet for front of booth.
  • No rear-facing signage. 
  • No canopies or canopy frames are allowed.
  • All displays are subject to management approval.


Bulk Space
Space with no drapes, dividers or electricity provided - exhibitor must order. 

  • Maximum height of 4 feet within 3 feet of the aisle.
  • No canopies or canopy frames that impede or block line-of-sight. 
  • All signage must be hung securely. When secured to building, signs must be approved by ISE and hung by Decorator.


Fire Marshal Summary of Rules

  • ISE and all exhibitors are required to follow facility Fire Marshal requirements as follows.


 Electrical Cord Requirements

  • All electrical devices with three-wire supply cords must utilize “UL” ground receptacles.
  • All extension cords must be of heavy-duty, three-wire construction.
  • All power cords must be kept behind display with nothing placed on top of cords. 

Indoor Display Vehicles or Motorized Display Items

  • Vehicles remaining on the show floor during event must meet the following requirements:
    • Fuel level must not exceed ¼ tank and/or less than 3 gallons.
    • Parked vehicle must have disconnected negative battery terminal and taped/locked fuel-tank cap.
  • The Denver Fire Department requires a Permit for the display of all fueled vehicles. You can obtain your permit Here. Operational Permit Applications are  processed in the order they are received, so submit your application as soon as possible.

Propane and Helium

  • Used propane tanks are not allowed indoors.
  • New propane tanks must have original factory seal. 
  • Helium is not allowed indoors.

Flammable and Combustible Materials

  • All materials used indoors for display or decoration should be made of flame-retardant materials and certified as flame-retardant. This includes booth decorations such as vegetation, straw, grass, etc.
  • Fire regulations prohibit excess literature and product or empty packing containers from being stored behind back drapes or display wall.

Aisles, Exits and Obstructions

  • Aisles must be kept clear of all displays and equipment.
  • Entrance and exit doors must always remain unobstructed.
  • Facility fire extinguishers and firehose cabinets must always remain visible and accessible.

Tent Demos
Constructed tents used for demo and display must be approved by show management prior to show. Please contact your account representative if you plan on having tent(s) in your exhibit space. All covered exhibits require a battery-powered smoke detector and fire extinguisher in exhibit space. When required, Fire Marshal will inspect for these safety items.


  • Maintain audio volumes that are not disruptive to other exhibits.
  • Game-calling exhibitors must follow ISE-game- calling Policy, provided to exhibitor prior to show and available at Registration/Information.
  • Exhibitors should be aware that pre-recorded music is subject to copyright laws and fees as per ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. 

Firearm Display Requirements

  • All gun displays of any type must have prior written approval from ISE. A form will be provided prior to show and available at Registration/Information.
  • No firearms sales and no ammunition, powder or primer are allowed on site. 
  • All firearms must be deactivated by removal of the firing pin or other alteration, so they are rendered incapable of firing. Firearms must be secured with a lock that is installed for show’s duration or removed each night after close.
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Move-in, Registration, Move-out Procedures


Move-In Procedures

We have returned to Halls E & F!
Move-in will begin Tuesday, the week of the show at 1:00pm with drive-in and carry-in access. To avoid congestion, move-in is encouraged for Tuesday afternoon if possible. Please read the following information and contact your Account Representative with any questions. 

NOTE: ISE does not provide forklifts, hand trucks, dollies, brooms, or vacuums during move-in. Please contact the decorator before or during set-up to arrange scheduling and payment.


Bulk Exhibits

  • Bulk spaces are designated by a “B” in your exhibit space number, such as B3550.
  • Bulk drive-in set-up is on Tuesday only. Please see schedule.

LIFO (Last-in, First-out) Exhibits

  • LIFO spaces are designated by an “L” in your exhibit space number, such as L2424.
  • These spaces block drive-in access and must be the last to set-up and first to move-out.
  • LIFO spaces can set-up on Wednesday after 3:00pm and Thursday prior to show open.

Carry-in Access

  • Carry-in access from the street or Colorado Convention Center parking garage is available. City parking fees apply.  Please see schedule below.
  • Freight elevator “U” from the parking garage is available for move-in on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is also available on Sunday evening, and Monday morning for move-out.


Type of Display

Bulk Exhibit
(Space number begins with "B")

Standard Booth
(All in-line and corner booths)

LIFO Booths
(Booth number begins with "L")

Tuesday – 1/9/24

Drive In

1pm - 6pm

1pm - 6pm


Carry In

1pm - 7pm

1pm - 7pm


Wednesday – 1/10/24

Drive In


9am - 2pm

3pm - 5pm

Carry In

9am - 8pm

9am - 8pm

3pm - 8pm

Thursday – 1/11/24

Drive In




Carry In

8am - 11am

8am - 11am

8am - 11am


  • Vehicle access to the exhibit floor is from the Champa Street dock entrance. 
  • Champa Street dock entrance address for navigation devices:
    •  1223 Champa Street, Denver, CO, 80204  (approximate)
    •  GPS Coordinates 39.743154, -104.998300  (approximate)
  • Click here to view dock entrance on Google Maps. 



  • Check in at the dock entrance guard station and proceed up to the second level of the convention center. 
  • Enter through Dock Door 2 on the second floor.


  • To avoid congestion, unload, get your exhibitor credentials from Registration/Information and remove your vehicle from the building before setting up your display. 
  • Dock freight fees do not apply to drive in and unload.
  • Drive-in for standard in-line booths ends at 3:00pm on Wednesday. No exceptions.


Exhibitor Registration
Registration is required before setting-up your exhibit space. ISE Registration/Information is in hall F and is staffed all days. ISE staff will confirm your exhibit space location, payments, applicable licenses, permits and provide your required exhibitor credentials.  Guest passes are available for purchase at Registration. 




  • Exhibitors will receive wristbands at Registration.
  • Standard inline booths receive up to 4 wristbands. Contact your Account Representative to discuss your needs.
  • Wristbands are designed to be worn on the wrist for the duration of the show; they must be fastened to the wrist, no looser than two fingers and are void if removed.
  • Wristbands can be exchanged for exhibitor one-day passes to accommodate shift workers. The number of one-day passes exchanged will be prorated by day.  

Guest Passes 

Invite your customers! Discounted guest passes can be purchased at the ISE Registration/Information Desk at the show.  

Restocking Trailers

  • The Fire Marshal does not allow motor vehicle parking on the docks. Parking is for trailers only. 
  • Advanced reservation for trailer parking is required.  Contact your ISE Account Representative or ISE Customer Service (800-545-6100) by December 15, 2023, for reservations.
  • See ISE Registration/Information Desk for onsite instructions. 

Empty Trailers

Empty Trailer parking is available. For information on where to park your empty trailer, please contact ISE Registration when you check in. You may also call us at 1-800-545-6100 with questions. 

Move-Out Procedures 

Tear-down and move-out schedule:


4:10pm - 10:00pm








NOTE: No early tear-down! As advertised to the public, all exhibits must stay intact and fully staffed until 4:00pm.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of exhibit space at future shows.


Tear-down can begin as soon as all the public have exited the building. 


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Tax License & Permits

Exhibitors selling tangible items are required to obtain a Special Event Sales Tax license before the event, collect 8.81% taxes* and submit tax returns to the State of Colorado and the City of Denver.  ISE must provide government representatives with exhibitor list.  

City and County of Denver
Tax Rate: 4.81%* 
This license must be obtained by December 1, 2023. You must have the license or copy of completed application available at the show for inspection by the authorities. To apply:

  • Visit the Denver City Treasury Division website.  
  • Register and apply online.
  • Print the form and take a photocopy of the payment check or online receipt to have with you on show site. 
  • Send in application with fee to the City and County of Denver address located on the form. 
  • Following the event, file tax return/payment before February 20, 2024.

For questions contact:
City & County of Denver
Phone: (720) 913-9446

State of Colorado
Tax Rate: 4.0%*
Exhibitors from out-of-state need to apply for the Sales Tax Special Event Application by December 1, 2023. You must have the license or copy of completed application available at the show for inspection by the authorities.

 To apply:

For questions contact:
Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation Division

Phone: (303) 866-5643
Email: [email protected]



Food Sales & Sampling Requirements
Centerplate is the exclusive food services contractor for the Colorado Convention Center.

For questions contact:
Jeanette Finley
Phone: (303) 228-8198 Email: [email protected]

Additionally, email to ISE by December 1, 2023:

  • A copy of the Sampling Form.
  • A copy of the Certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000 Liability Insurance naming International Sportsmen's Expositions as additionally insured.

Special Permits & Notification
As an exhibitor, you must obtain prior written approval from ISE and apply for a special permit (submitted 15 business days in advance of show) if you intend to display, operate, or use any of the below items:

  • Internal-combustion engines.
  • Gas Powered Vehicles
  • Flammable liquids, compressed gasses, or dangerous chemicals.
  • Electrical, mechanical, or chemical devices deemed hazardous by the Fire Department. Click Here for link to Denver Fire Department.
  • Fuel-powered heaters, barbecue, heat-producing or open-flame devices, candles, fuel-powered lamps, lanterns, etc. 
  • Click Here for link to the Denver Fire Safety Operational Permits website.
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Decorator, Electrical & Internet Services

Table, chairs and carpet are not provided in your booth - you can bring your own, or order through the decorator, LVE. You will receive an email from LVE with instructions to order via their online portal. Please contact them directly if you have any questions.

Account Manager

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-989-EXPO(3976)


Electrical, Phone & Water Services

  • ISE provides one 500-watt outlet for each standard inline booth space.
  • ISE does not provide power for bulk space exhibits.

Additional electrical, phone and water services can be ordered online through the Colorado Convention Center.

For questions contact:

Phone: (303) 228-8027
Email: [email protected]


Internet Services
Wireless internet at the Colorado Convention Center is provided by Smart City.  Wireless services can be purchased onsite by turning on your device, selecting "Exhibitor Internet" and following the prompts.  Your device must connect to Smart City's 5.8GHz frequency.  

Dedicated wireless networks and hardwire lines are available by ordering online. Discount pricing ends December 27, 2023.

For questions contact:
Smart City
Rob Bowman
Phone: 303-228-8256
Email: [email protected] 





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Hotels, Lodging & RV Parks

The following accommodations have special group rates for ISE Exhibitors. Rooms are limited and special rates are on a first-come, first-serve basis. For special pricing, use the links below, or call and ask for rates for “International Sportsmen’s Expos.”
NOTE: ISE does not contract with any third-party accommodation service and does not authorize any accommodation service to contact you on ISE's behalf.



Hyatt Place– Denver Downtown
440 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 1-800-233-1234
Reservations: Click Here for reservations
Parking: Valet Only - $39 per day
Pets: Yes, with non-refundable deposit
Amenities: 2 blocks from Convention Center, complimentary breakfast, fitness center, cafe, free Wi-Fi.
ISE Group Rate: $129.00, plus tax
Rate Expires: December 18, 2023 Extended to December 22nd!



Staybridge Suites Denver - Cherry Creek
4220 E. Virginia Avenue
Glendale, CO 80246
Phone: (303) 321-5757
Reservations: Click Here for reservations
Parking: free
Pets: Yes, with non-refundable deposit and daily fee
Amenities: Complimentary parking, breakfast and Wi-Fi, fitness center, guest laundry.
ISE Group Rate: $144-$179, plus tax depending on room type.
Rate Expires: December 13, 2023 Extended to January 1st! 



Holiday Inn Express
1715 Tremont Place
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (800) 315-2621
Reservations: Click Here for reservations
Parking: Valet Only - $56/day
Pets: $75 fee, one dog allowed per room
ISE Group Rate: $129.00, plus tax
Rate Expires: 12pm, December 18, 2023



Homewood Suites
550 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 534-7800
Reservations: Click Here for reservations
Parking: Valet Only- $54 per day
Pets: Yes, with non-refundable deposit
ISE Group Rate: $109, plus tax
Rate Expires: December 22, 2023 Extended to January 2nd! 



Hilton Denver City Center
1701 California Street
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 297-1300
Reservations: Click Here for reservations
Parking: $39 per day self-park, $59 valet
Pets: $50 fee per pet, up to 2 pets per room
ISE Discount: 15% off current rate - varies by date of booking
Rate Expires: November 27, 2023



Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden
(Located 12.6 miles west of the Convention Center)
17800 West Colfax Ave
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 279-1625
Reservations: Phone or Click Here for reservations
Standard Published Rates - see website. Online reservations cannot be made within 72 hours of arrival.

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