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Advertising Overview

The Industry's Biggest Consumer Marketing

Television and Cable

ISE produces and airs video commercials on major broadcast and cable television channels in each market.  Many "spot" lengths and versions are created to attract our targeted attendees. ISE commercials show and tell consumers what they'll find on the expo floor, and where they can  get tickets and discount admission coupons. 



Broadcast radio signals continue to reach large audiences in each ISE market. We have forged long-term partnerships with key stations, often enlisting on-air personalities to promote our event to their audience. Radio is a key medium for attracting new attendees, according to ISE research. 


Billboards and Outdoor

The majority of our attendees and your customers commute. Transit times continue to increase. In each market, large to giant ISE messages are placed along major traffic routes. Digital billboards allow us to change messages, targeting specific activities and consumers.


Each of us chooses how we want to get information.  ISE newspaper ads reach higher-income readers, more often in the sweet spot of consumers sought by our exhibitors.  


Email Messages

We manage our own list of more than 100,000 expo attendees and fans. Names are added each year from ticket sales and surveys taken at each expo. A few times a year we email our fans about show dates, what's new,  discount and other offers.


Internet and Web

The gateway to the world is in our pocket. We use our smartphone more often and for ever-more reasons. Mobile-friendly (responsive design), ISE's website is   quick and easy to look at, and rich in information that's accessible with a click. 


Social Media and Networks

People with like-minded interests communicate 24 hours a day using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and other social networks. Year-around, ISE shares content about the outdoors with fans and friends in our four show markets and beyond. Posts, shares and comments help ISE to better understand and serve the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Nearer show-time, content spotlights exhibitors, expo activities and special offers. Paid ads and promoted posts get the word out and bring new consumers to our expos. 


Reminders are necessary in a loud, busy world. Sometimes a solid piece of paper does the job. In each ISE market, former attendees receive such a reminder, in their mailbox. That large-format, color postcard includes a discount and update on what's new. "Surf" and "Turf" versions increase the response because the information  reflects the attendees outdoor preferences.