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KastKing Combo Casting Pond

A few years back, Sandi and husband, Clay, started fishing in several bass tournaments, as a team. About the same time,  the television show, Lunkerville, came to Colorado, and filmed its very first fly-fishing program, “A Lunker Runs Thru it”, with Sandi and Clay.

 A fly-fishing guide for the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs and fly-fishing instructor, Sandi is a member of Fountain Valley Bass Club, where she has served on the tournament committee and was the Conservation Director. She has also helped Emcee for Tightline Outdoors Ice Addiction Tournament series. Sandi has won several fly-casting competitions in both accuracy and distance. In 2009, she won a trip to Belize by casting the farthest distance in ISE's Best-of-the-West Fly Casting Distance Championship.

Clay cut his fly-casting teeth on bluegill and bass with his fiberglass Garcia fly rod (still has it). Much practice later, Clay burst on to the national casting scene, winning a prestigious casting competition at the Fly-Fishing Retailer World Expo. He donated $22,000 in winnings to a conservation organization. Clay has since gone on to be a casting instructor and competition caster/angler. He's appeared on ESPN's Fly Fishing Challenge, Lunkerville, and Fly Rod Chronicles. Of late Clay has mastered conventional gear fishing.

Clay and Sandi are both on the Pro Fishing Team for KastKing.

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International Sportsmen's Expo

The KastKing Combo pond offers a wide variety of expert-led demonstrations geared to help both fly and conventional-gear anglers learn how to fish better--more successfully--by improving their casting techniques. Plus, an allstar combo-casting competion on Saturday with Colorado's top fly and conventional anglers, plus national fishing legend Jimmy Houston!