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Wilderness Archery Shoot-Off

Wilderness Archery Shoot-Out Contest

Sacramento International Sportsmen's Exposition

 January 17-20, 2019

 NOTE: Due to expected high winds on Thursday, the contest will run Fri, Sat and Sun.

OVERVIEW: The Wilderness Archery Shoot-Off features 14 lanes with 3D targets at 7 to 60 yards. Shooters will shoot one arrow from each lane, creating an overall score. There will be an Invitational Pro Class and an Amateur Class. Amateur Class qualifying takes place Thursday through Saturday, with seven shooters returning for the finals at 2pm on Sunday. NOTE: all rules same for both classes of shooters.


  • Qualifications on 14 Delta McKenzie 3D animals
  • Marked Yardage ( 7-60 yards)
  • 1 arrow per target
  • OPA style scoring. Called 14*, 12, 10, 8, 5. 14 and 12 rings will be colored
  • 1 minute shot clock per arrow
  • Each archer must have 3 arrows to participate (at least 6 arrows highly recommended)
  • Arrows will be scored and pulled by 2 “Officials”
  •  Arrows will be returned to archer in between ends
  • Binoculars and rangefinders allowed
  • No arrow size restrictions
  • No Broadheads
  • No Crossbows
  • No Draw-Locking devices
  • No lighted nocks

To score a 14, the archer will be required to pull the 14 Card (provided to each archer by officials before shooting), and place it on the ground before the shot is made. This must be witnessed by an official. The 12 and 10 are no longer in play once this card is pulled

Amateur Classes  - Open
  1.   Freestyle
  2.   Fixed Pins (any number of pins; no stabilizer restrictions)
  • $5 per practice round. $20 per qualifying scored round (unlimited practice and qualifications per archer)
  • Qualifying and practice rounds will begin Thursday January 18th and conclude Saturday the 20th at 5pm
  • After 5 pm Saturday, the top 7 scores will be invited back for the Finals Round at 2pm Sunday
  • Any ties will be broken with a 1 arrow shoot-off. Closest to center wins. Distance and target will be decided at the venue on the date of the event
  • No pre-registration required

Pro Class - Invitational

  • 28 shooters 
  • If all slots are not confirmed by January 4th, the Pro Class will be available to the public for entry on a first-come, first-serve basis until all spots are full
  • $50 per entry, non-refundable after January 4th (unless a replacement is provided)
  • Pros are allowed to pay the $5 to practice the round Thursday – Saturday
  • All Pros will shoot a qualifying round Sunday Morning beginning at 10:30
  • Same 14 marked targets as  Amateur class
  • Same rules and scoring as  Amateur Class
  • There will be an alternating A/B line, 2 archers per target
  • After the qualifying round, the top 7 archers will move on to the Finals at 2 pm
  • Any ties will be broken with a 1-arrow shoot-of--closest to center wins; distance and target will be decided at the venue on the date of the event
The Finals
  • Finals will be held at 2pm Sunday
  • Top 7 of the Amateur Class and top 7 of the Pro Class
  • Each class will shoot 7 targets. (Pros will shoot a different 7 than the Amateurs)
  • Same scoring applies as in qualifications
  • Your qualifying score will be carried over to the Finals. Places 1-7 will be determined based on 21 scored arrows


  • Guaranteed 3 Brand New Bows and $50 Wilderness Archery Gift Cards to the top 3 places per class.
  • Other prizes and Wilderness Archery gift certificates will be paid out to 10th place per class
  • Minimum of $3400 in cash payouts. 7 places Guaranteed

Registration for the Pro Class/Further Rules/ Scoring is available through the Wilderness Archery Inc. website, here:

Wilderness Archery 3D Challenge Shoot-Out